Saturday Scenes Around Salem

How lucky have we in New England (or at least the southern parts of the region) been getting with this December warm streak? Yes, I’m a lifelong New Englander, but it doesn’t make me any more a fan of winter. I merely tolerate it πŸ™‚ Today has a high of nearly 60 degrees, so after getting breakfast at the always amazing Red’s, Nick and I walked around our city of Salem.

I took a few pictures to capture some fun and pretty sights of today. Enjoy!

A festive wreath stands out amongst the very classic New England look of this old building, which is located next to Salem’s oldest graveyard, The Burying Point.

Another wreath welcomes the season and matches this pretty evergreen door perfectly. Something about doors, especially when decorated, are so eye-catching and entrancing!

I cannot help but take a stroll along the water every time it’s nice out. We in New England need to make the most of these days, because we do know what furious winter weather the following months will bring! This photo looks out along Collins Cove, under a pretty blue sky.

A pretty view can be found looking out amongst the reeds. These forms of plant life themselves add a nice beachy touch to the landscape. I absolutely love this neighborhood. Thanks, Mother Nature, for being especially nice to us this week!


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