From Farm to Table, Thanks to Wilson Farm

wilson barn

When I was younger, I used to complain about my hometown (as I’m sure many others did). Growing up in Litchfield, New Hampshire, we were surrounded by farm land, peaceful wooded areas, Mel’s Tee-Off (now Mel’s Funway Park and the site of Spooky World), bike paths, and quiet residential streets.

As a teenager? Not so fun. But as an adult who no longer lives there, I’ve truly come to appreciate this quaint New England town and the environment I was lucky enough to grow up in. A sense of calm and nostalgia overtakes me every time I come back to visit my parents. I especially love frequenting the farms that used to “bore” me as a cranky adolescent!

Today, I paid a visit to Wilson Farm Stand (the second location to Wilson Farm in Lexington, MA), a beautiful red barn on Charles Bancroft Highway that is surrounded by green fields and blue skies. I’m having dinner at my mom’s, so she sent me to pick up fresh corn on the cob. Corn season is always one I’ve looked forward to here, as Litchfield boasts multiple fields of it providing us with the freshest version of this golden glory available!

fresh picked corn

After carefully choosing six ears of corn (because I am even meticulous about that, although I can’t see under the husks), I walked around and looked at the other delicious veggies and fruits on rustic wooden tables.


I chose a couple of juicy looking peaches, and could just about taste the sweetness as I put them into a bag. I couldn’t wait to get home and eat them on the porch, the summer sun shining on my face as I did so.


I only got the corn and peaches because that’s what I had enough cash for. Wilson Farm Stand takes cards, I just didn’t want to use mine if I didn’t have to! That didn’t stop me from looking at other goodies. Inside the barn, there is even more fresh produce available, along with a section of all kinds of baked treats. There are also baking mixes and items like local maple syrup. One of the things I always used to get at Wilson Farm Stand was their root beer in an old-fashioned bottle. I refrained from it today since I had root beer last night, but it certainly was tempting!

inside barn

Outside of the barn, there are also greenhouses with beautiful flowers, a welcome colorful sight to the eyes as you enter and leave the farm stand. I personally can’t wait to come up and visit Wilson Farm again in the fall, when they have harvest activities and sugary sweet candy apples made right in front of you! But, I’m taking it one season at a time. For now, I’m about to go enjoy my first bite of fresh corn this season, in a very gourmet way – thanks, Mom!

gourmet corn

Featured: Wilson Farm Stand, 144 Charles Bancroft Highway, Litchfield, NH, 603.882.5551


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