Tasting and Touring at 603 Brewery

Tasting samples and delicious spiced popcorn at 603 Brewery!

Tasting samples and delicious spiced popcorn at 603 Brewery!

This past weekend after Nick got a haircut in Derry, we needed to kill some time in the area before going to my grandma’s house for dinner. We actually started arguing because we couldn’t agree on anything, and Nick felt like he was just driving aimlessly. Suddenly, we passed a sign on the side of the road in Londonderry that said 603 Brewery was having tours and tastings and an arrow pointed us in the right direction. Perfect activity for a Saturday afternoon. We were all smiles again as we headed that way. Even with all the social media and internet advertising these days, simple roadside signs can still work!

Nick and I had gotten our first taste of the amazing craft beer brewed by 603 when we visited Biederman’s Deli and Pub in Plymouth, NH this past fall. We loved each sample that we had tried in our flight, and had planned on checking out the brewery one day. I’m very glad the sign reminded us to! When we entered the brewery, it was quite packed. There were no tables or counter spaces left, so we had to start our tasting at the checkout counter. However, we got our own table not too long after. $10 gets you a nice big 603 beer glass and all your tasting samples. The tasting starts with five 603 beers (in order from light to dark, which you should follow when tasting): 18 Mile Ale, Winni Ale, White Peaks, Cogway IPA and 9th State (although a Stout, I believe, was substituted for 9th State the day we were there). The flight comes on a mat that tells tasters a bit about each beer and 603 Brewery, as well as a few fun facts about NH beer consumption.


My favorite beer was the very first sample, the 18 Mile Ale. I am definitely a fan of the lighter, more crisp and refreshing beers. However, I didn’t hate the darkest stout. Nick was sure that I would dislike it, yet I finished that one just like the others! Nick was loving the Winni Ale the most.

Nick enjoying his sample of Winni Ale!

Nick enjoying the tasting! And his fresh haircut!

Nick and I were also able to taste samples of the Waterville Wheat and Summatime seasonal brew. It certainly got me in the mood for beach days and barbecues, that’s for sure. Along with our tasting samples, we also got some popcorn seasoned with spices which was actually pretty amazing in itself!

We were having a grand old time sipping on some of the best craft beers in the Live Free or Die state, talking and laughing as the spring sun poured in through the windows, but we were excited when the tour embarked. Our tour guide took us around the brewery, showing us the various machines and equipment used in the brewing process and telling us exactly how the beer we now held in our hands ready to drink actually came to be.


I had never been on a brewery tour before, and it was so interesting to learn about the process behind the beverage. We got to see a garage/warehouse type area where they keep the cans – towers and towers of cans stacked to the high ceilings were a sight to see! I didn’t take a picture, so you will be surprised when you go and see for yourself 🙂

Where all the brewing magic happens!

Where the brewing magic happens!

After the tour, Nick and I finished our last sample and had to get going for dinner. I was actually sad, as I really enjoyed being in the brewery atmosphere. It’s clear that the 603 crew truly has a passion and a love for what they do, and you can taste it in each beer they create. I’m now going to constantly be on the lookout for 603 beers wherever I am in New Hampshire! You can also purchase 22 oz. bottles, cans, growlers and a variety of awesome 603 Brewery gear (think glasses, keychains, bottle openers, hats, shirts, etc.) right at the brewery itself.


If you’re looking for a new weekend activity, love beer, learning new things and supporting your local craft breweries, stop by 603 Brewery in Londonderry, right off of exit 5 on I-93!

603 Brewery – 12 Liberty Drive, Unit 7, Londonderry, NH, 603.630.7745
Tasting hours: 1-5 PM Saturdays, 4-7 PM Thurs-Fri



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