A Cozy Caffeine Fix at Thinking Cup


Yesterday while waiting for Nick to get out of work, I ended up walking the North End. After a weekend filled with company, I was craving some me-time and thought that a local coffee shop would be a great place for it. Enter: Thinking Cup!


Thinking Cup actually has three locations – one on Hanover Street in the North End where I was, but also one in Back Bay and another by the Common. Thinking Cup has a fabulous menu and offers world-class Stumptown Coffee, along with delicious teas and delectable pastries, breakfast items and a variety of unique sandwiches. On this day I ordered a Chai Latte, one of my drinks of choice at any coffee shop I visit, and a fruit tart that looked simply mouthwatering.


Thinking Cup North End is actually on the larger side for a coffee shop, at least compared to the others I frequent, and when I went there were plenty of spots available to sit and enjoy myself. The vibe is very quaint and cozy, the perfect place to read a book, get some work done, or just sit and relax! There is a back counter with plenty of stools if you can’t find a table, and underneath the counter glass are a variety of antique newspapers. I’m actually not sure if they are real or made to look vintage, but either way, they are entertaining to read.


I would stop into Thinking Cup every day if I was always in the city. There are so many amazing items on the menu that I want to try them all. I’ve heard raves about the grilled cheese, and the Vanilla Ginger Latte is the next must-order on my list. Trust me when I say to give this place a visit when you’re near any of its locations – it may just make you a morning person!

Thinking Cup – North End, 236 Hanover Street, Boston, MA, 857.233.5277 (also located in Back Bay and by Boston Common)


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