Fantastic Food at Purple Finch Cafe – It’s a Deal!

Myself and my Christmas Eve comrades

My Christmas Eve comrades and I

Another holiday season has come and gone, and while I can’t say that this was the best Christmas ever (I was given the gift of the stomach bug), I can certainly say that time spent with family, friends and Nick before I became ill was wonderful. Next up…New Year’s! While I still have no idea what my plans will be for ringing in 2015, I know that my resolution this year is to have as many experiences as possible. Yes, this sounds slightly vague. What I mean is, instead of spending my extra money on material possessions, I want to focus on experiencing things with that money -I’ve done a pretty good job with this in 2014 since starting my blog, but I’m looking to really up the ante this year. Getaways at bed and breakfasts, concerts, trying out even more restaurants and taking an art class are just a few of the things already booked and on my agenda for the year ahead.

Experiences do not have to break the bank – there are now sites out there that provide great discounts on everything from vacations to restaurants to massages, paint nights, mani/pedis and much more, making my resolution fun and affordable to achieve. You could say I got a head start on it last week when I took my sister, Meredith, out to lunch for some bonding time using an awesome discount voucher from one of my new favorite sites for exclusive restaurant deals in New Hampshire,

The purpose behind iHeartDining is truly unique compared to how other discount sites are run. You purchase a voucher, but it does not stop at that – you actually unlock the savings by bringing a guest and generating a social media post about the chosen restaurant while you’re there. You can take a picture of your meal, and just by posting it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest (or multiple outlets if you so choose) *boom* savings unlocked! I love this concept, because taking pictures or checking in at a restaurant on social media is something I, and many others, usually do anyways, so why not get some great discounts in the process? Not only is earning your savings easy to do, but sharing on social media can interest others and generate more business for these local restaurants as well, and you all know my purpose is to support great places in the New England area. Let me not fail to mention that iHeartDining gives 5% of each voucher sale to a participating charity of your choice – do good while eating well!

After registering on iHeartDining, I decided to take advantage of the Purple Finch Ultimate Dining Package deal. Purple Finch Cafe is an amazing cafe in Bedford, NH that I discovered a few months ago with Nick after reading that it won Hippo Magazine’s 2014 Best Breakfast of Manchester. It certainly deserved its title, so I knew this would be a great place to start using iHeartDining deals on. The Ultimate Dining Package costs $25 and includes over $140 worth of different savings. One of the deals within the package included 50% off lunch (save $15+). I had only ever eaten the breakfast at Purple Finch Cafe, so I decided to treat my sister to lunch before some final Christmas shopping.

The colorful Purple Finch Cafe menu

The colorful Purple Finch Cafe menu

When we arrived, the interior of the Purple Finch was looking as cheery as ever. The main color theme throughout the cafe and within the brand look is purple and green. We were seated at a table for two and given our menus.

Meredith pondering the menu

Meredith pondering the menu

One thing to keep in mind is that the Purple Finch does not serve breakfast all day as some cafes do, but they have plenty on their lunch menu to satisfy anyone’s palate. I told our waitress about the iHeartDining voucher I would be using, and we placed our order.

My delicious Shrimp and Roasted Corn Chowder

My delicious Shrimp and Roasted Corn Chowder

To start out, I ordered a cup of the Shrimp and Roasted Corn Chowder and Meredith ordered the Chicken Noodle soup. I’m a sucker for soups, and the chowder did not disappoint in the slightest. In fact, I’m still daydreaming about it! It tasted deliciously homemade, and Meredith said the same about hers.

Behold...the "603" sandwich!

Behold…the “603” sandwich!

For my main course, I ordered the “603”, an absolutely flavor-packed sandwich filled with grilled turkey tips, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and (this is the greatest part) pieces of bacon coated with sugary-sweet real New Hampshire maple syrup and the perfect ratio of maple mayo over it all. When the sandwich was placed in front of me, I think my eyes must have popped out of my head like a scene in an old cartoon. I took a picture for the social media post to unlock my voucher and immediately it seemed like my Instagram friends thought the “603” looked amazing as well!

This sandwich was exactly the right size, not so large that it was uncomfortable to try to eat, but certainly more than enough to satisfy hunger. They weren’t kidding with the maple syrup either – each bite had a wonderful touch of sweetness, making for an interesting and exciting taste combination. As a side to the “603”, I ordered sweet potato dots which I had eaten before at the restaurant and loved. The sweet potato dots are a far superior (in my eyes) take on tater tots, and they come with maple syrup for dipping. For her lunch, Meredith ordered the California Chicken Salad Sandwich and truly enjoyed it, finishing it all.

When we were ready for the check, I showed our waitress that I had completed my social media post and she took the discount off the bill. Just like that, the cost of our lunch was cut in half! Speaking of the number 16, I still have 16 deals left in my iHeartDining voucher to use at Purple Finch Cafe. I know where I’ll be headed on the weekends for the next couple of weeks!

Purple Finch Cafe – Woodbury Court, 124 S. River Road, Bedford, NH 03110, 603.232,1953


2 thoughts on “Fantastic Food at Purple Finch Cafe – It’s a Deal!

  1. I recently noticed this place. It’s right across from Macy’s. I like the NH vibe they have going on. I haven’t been yet but I’ll have to stop by for lunch one of these days.

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