Small Business Saturday is here!

We are all familiar with Black Friday – it’s a term that either makes you cringe or excitedly hop in line at ungodly hours hoping to score some heavily promoted deals. However, how many of you have heard of Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday was founded four years ago by American Express as a way to draw consumers to support local shops and restaurants and continue to build and maintain thriving communities. As readers know, my blog is all about supporting businesses around New England so naturally Small Business Saturday holds a special place in my heart. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of shopping local:

1) According to a study cited by Independent We Stand, local shops return over triple the amount of money per dollar of sales back into their community than chain stores. Local restaurants return more than double what chain restaurants do. By supporting small businesses in your city or town, you can feel good knowing that you have a part in ensuring the vitality of the place you love to live!

2) Besides putting money back into the community, local businesses often feature unique items that you cannot find elsewhere. Who else is going to make such a delicious, homemade piece of fudge or that amazing, all-natural body lotion that sources ingredients from the next town over?

3) Neighbors helping neighbors: For the most part, small businesses are owned by others living right within your community. By shopping local, you’re essentially paying it forward by helping a neighbor to achieve their dreams and a successful life.

4) One of the many things that keeps me away from Black Friday is the thought of overwhelming lines of people. Yesterday, I watched a parody of Black Friday on a show where customers were attacking each other over the latest fad item. Sadly, I recall things like this actually happening in real life. By shopping on Small Business Saturday, you’re going to have a much less chaotic experience! Come on, we could all use a little less stress in our lives.

5) If you’re like me and live closer to your local shops instead of the mall, or if you don’t have a mall in your town at all, you can save your time and gas by heading to the small businesses in your vicinity. You could walk there if you don’t mind braving the chill!

I could go on about the perks of shopping local, but take part in Small Business Saturday today instead and experience the difference for yourself!

To get started on finding local stores nearest you, check out the American Express Shop Small© map.  


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