Add Some Green to Your Routine at Thirst Juice Co.


Yesterday was an unusually warm day for November in Boston, the temperature reaching around 65 degrees. Muggy, cloudy and rainy, I had forgotten my umbrella in the car. I had hoped the rain would hold off as I walked, but it didn’t. As I waited to cross the street, I got splashed by a passing bus. Needless to say, I was feeling a bit under the weather (literally) and I needed some sort of relief! Just in time, I arrived at the Thirst Juice Co. storefront, a bright green beacon of light on this otherwise dull day.

Walking through the doors, I entered an inviting, modern space that was set off by a classic ornately designed ceiling, which I am guessing is original to the building from its early days. A big “Juice” logo was splashed on the right wall in my favorite lime green color, vibrant and eye-catching. Fresh fruits in wooden crates were displayed behind glass on the countertop.


As cheerful employees hustled and bustled turning whole fruits, veggies and other ingredients into delicious blends of nutrients and flavor, I was greeted by co-owner Heather Stevenson at the counter. Heather and husband Chris Roche made the move back to Massachusetts to turn their dreams of a Boston juice bar into a thriving reality after practicing law for several years in New York.  Living a healthy lifestyle and creating nutritious and delicious beverages and foods is their passion, and now they are able to share it with all. Their excitement and dedication to the brand new business (this is their second week open), products, customers, employees and Boston community was so apparent as I got to speak with them both!


Heather Stevenson and Chris Roche, husband and wife and owners of Thirst Juice Co.

Behind the counter you will see a matching green menu board featuring all the goods Thirst Juice Co. has to offer – believe me, there is much more than juice! Besides the variety of juices, customers can also order from a selection of smoothie flavors (all with fabulous, catchy names – Pink Unicorn, anyone?) as well as acai bowls, healthy shots, and boosts such as protein powder and hemp seeds to pack more nutrients into your smoothie. You can feel even better about what you’re consuming knowing all products made in-house are vegan and gluten free.

Because I’m terribly indecisive when it comes to choosing drinks and food, I asked Heather for her recommendations of juices and smoothies before I started sampling. As far as juices go, for those who are fans of more of a fruity flavor profile, Melon Ball juice is made of cantaloupe, kale, apple and ginger for a dose of healthiness on the sweet side. If you love your greens and are looking to perk up your tastebuds, Green Dream adds a spicy twist with jalapeños blended among kale, cucumber and pineapple. I will admit, I’m more of a fruity gal and not so much a jalapeño fan, but I actually fell in love with Green Dream! I highly recommend you try a flavor slightly out of your comfort zone if possible – you never know what you might enjoy! If you have the feeling you’ll be craving more juice after Thirst has closed for the day, no worries. They offer four different types of bottled cold-pressed juices to take home, including both Melon Ball and Green Dream.

Green Dream in all its glory!

For those with a bit of a sweet tooth, smoothies are a great option with several flavors to choose from, including Bad Monkey!™ which features cacao powder as an ingredient for the chocolate lovers out there. The Mint Condition smoothie is a unique blend of fruity-sweet and earthy. It came out an entirely different color than I expected; a vibrant purple which had other customers intrigued at what I had ordered. That’s the blueberries for ya!


A pop of color makes the Mint Condition smoothie stand out.

Outside of juices and smoothies, Thirst Juice Co. sells coffee roasted by Lee, MA-based Barrington Coffee Roasting Company. If tea is more your style, Thirst also features five different teas from MEM Tea Imports of Watertown, MA.

Looking for a bite to eat along with your beverage? Choose from two types of soup daily, made fresh each day right in the store. Yesterday, the available soups were Roasted Butternut Squash (my favorite!) and Moroccan Lentil. The Roasted Butternut Squash soup was a well-balanced consistency, not too heavy and not too light, with just the right amount flavor. A delicious addition is a mix of seeds and spices to give the soup an added texture and kick. Yum! Because the seeds come in a little takeout container, I saved the rest for a pre-dinner snack later in the day. The Moroccan Lentil soup is more on the hearty side and packed with flavors. Breakfast hour customers can purchase Bob’s Red Mill oatmeal or a snack item such as Greek yogurt.


After finishing my order at the stand-up counter (the store is takeout based), I felt full but not overwhelmed. It may seem silly, but it was an incredible feeling! Too often I overload at lunchtime buying heavy, and unfortunately not always healthy, foods and beverages. The drinks and soup at Thirst Juice Co. were a welcome switch-up to my midday routine, and one that I know I will be repeating. It just feels GOOD! So, thank you Thirst Juice Co., for reminding me that being good to my body and satisfying my (large) appetite can be accomplished!

Thirst Juice Co. – 44 School Street, Boston, MA 02108, 857-233-4535,


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