Campfire Cocktails


Okay, so this post is going to be off-topic from the norm of New England State of Mind, but I loved doing this little “project” on Saturday and wanted to share! While you may have the Monday blues, this post will get you looking forward to the next weekend. Or you could treat yourself on Hump Day. Or heck, do this when you get home today!

Saturday was pretty low-key for me. The colder weather sometimes turns me into a hermit if I let it (which I don’t for the most part, but on occasion I give in). While Nick was in Foxwoods, I visited my mother and spent a good portion of the time reading old issues of magazines. As I was flipping through the October Cosmo, a big picture of a milk chocolate-y looking drink caught my eye. The drink was called a “Campfire Cocktail” and the recipe for one called for:

  • 1 oz. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey
  • 1 oz. Kahlua
  • 2 oz. half and half
  • Glass with ice cubes

My mom is also a fan of sweet mixed drinks, so I showed her. At first, she thought she didn’t have any Jack Daniel’s Honey until we realized her fiance had bought a brand  new bottle the week before. Um, this is happening NOW, we thought. Here in New England, camping trips and campfires are a huge summertime tradition for many friends and families. The summer weather may be over, but that didn’t mean we couldn’t take the taste s’mores indoors.

The drink was rimmed with melted chocolate and graham crackers, which are always in stock at my mom’s house. Our first step was to melt some large chocolate chips into a bowl and fill a ziplock bag with graham crackers, using a rolling pin to crush them. We then put the graham crackers into a pie pan.

Step 2 Drinks

Instead of the plain half-glasses that were used in the magazine, we decided to use cute martini glasses to make our version prettier. First, I took a glass and placed it upside down in the melted chocolate and twirled the stem between my fingers to make sure I had a good base. Then, for more chocolate and maximum graham-grabbing potential, I tipped the glass slightly on its side and twirled it, covering the sides of the rim with chocolate as well.

Once that was done, I used the same side twirling motion with the glass in the pie plate of graham crackers. I finished up by placing the glass upside down to get a slight graham cover on the top of the rim. Then I added ice cubes in preparation for the actual drink to be added. Voila!

Step 1 Drinks

My mom is always in action, even when she sees a picture being taken!

I completed the rest of the glass decoration while my mom mixed the drinks in a large reusable water bottle. She quadrupled the recipe, as we were making four drinks in total. After shaking it all up, she poured the mix into each glass.

Step 3 Drinks

I felt that the original recipe for the drink was missing something to make it officially campfire style…marshmallows! So, I cut up wooden skewers, and added mini marshmallows as a replica of how we use large sticks with big marshmallows on the end to roast for s’mores.

Final Drinks

I could barely stand to wait for a taste test, but wanted to take some obligatory pictures for Instagram of course! The drinks were beautifully presented if I do say so myself, and tasted wonderful as well! They were a decadent pick-me-up and the perfect activity for a weekend night in.

Recipe found in October 2014 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine 


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