Blogpreneur: My New Favorite Word

“Don’t be afraid to wear the unicorn horn,” said Mary, looking polished from head to toe with one exception – she was wearing a headband with a prominent gold horn attached, and fake rainbow colored strands that flowed down her otherwise black hair. It may have looked silly, but Mary wasn’t doing this for post-Halloween giggles. She wanted to make the point that you should never fear standing out from the crowd and the things that make you different are the things that get you the most positive attention.

The Mary I am speaking of is Mary Bratko, CEO and founder of, a Toronto-based group of wedding planners and bloggers dedicated to helping brides and grooms have the wedding of their dreams without emptying their life savings on it. Yesterday, I attended her Blogpreneur Workshop and I am still smiling about the great time I had. Mary was such an inspiration to those of us Boston Bloggers in attendance, and it was wonderful to learn so much more about how to be successful as a blogger and share our hopes and dreams for the future with each other!

Thanks to Mary, we took notes in style during the Blogpreneur Workshop!

Thanks to Mary, we took notes in style during the Blogpreneur Workshop!

The event was held at the beautiful Langham Hotel in downtown Boston, and I must say, if Nick are I are planning on renting a hotel for Valentine’s Day again this might just be my ideal spot. Mary had very graciously provided us all with tasty treats from Sweet Cupcakes and once I got home I devoured mine with fervor. If I couldn’t stop for just one second to take a picture of the actual cupcake, at least I could take a picture of the adorable packaging and logo!

So simple yet so elegant!

So simple yet so elegant!

The Blogpreneur Workshop has certainly motivated me to continue putting my heart and soul into this blog, and I encourage you all to find your passion in life and pursue the dream!

People and places mentioned: – Mary Bratko, CEO & Founder,
The Langham Hotel, Boston – 250 Franklin Street, Boston, MA 02110
Sweet Cupcakes – Back Bay: 49 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02115 (also located in Harvard Square and Downtown)


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