Autumn Has Arrived: Part 2

As you may have read in Part 1 of this post, Nick and I had our anniversary on Friday, which involved therapeutic massages, a bar and grille lunch, high school football and a big New England dinner. But that wasn’t where my weekend ended, no sir. It was just too much to fit into one post!

psuOn Saturday, Nick took me up to Plymouth, NH to give me a taste of his college life as we visited his alma mater, Plymouth State University. We walked around the campus as he pointed out all the different dorms or apartment buildings he had lived in throughout his four years there, as well as the student center and where his classes were held. The campus had some beautiful views, and there was even a spot where orange, red and brown leaves coated the grass in a pile. It was my first day wearing my fall boots and I just had to run through the leaves and hear the crunch! Strolling the campus brought back a lot of nostalgia, even though I didn’t go to Plymouth (I went to Salem State University in Salem, MA).

biedAfter our walk, Nick was dying to take me to his favorite pub in Plymouth called Biederman’s. The atmosphere of the establishment was unique and drew my interest. It would describe it as part ski lodge, part my parents’ attics. There was a moosehead on the wall and the wooden beams on the ceiling were covered in vintage record jackets from the 60’s and 70’s as well as old beer paraphernalia. From my seat, the record jacket straight above was The Doors’ Morrison Hotel, which made me smile as they were my favorite band when I was heavily into classic rock as a teen.

On top of having many beers on tap, Biederman’s is also a deli with some hefty looking signature sandwiches. As yummy as they looked, I told Nick that I honestly couldn’t force myself to consume that much food after our big lunch and dinner the day before, so I got a chicken caesar salad which was just enough for me. For our drinks, Nick and I chose to go local with pumpkin ale from 603 Brewery. The pumpkin taste was authentic and not overpowering or too sweet like some of the mass market kinds. We ended up getting a sampler of all 603 beers on tap. I really liked the White Peaks IPA. We asked the bartender where 603 Brewery was located, as we thought it may be fun to tour it. We found out that it’s actually in Londonderry, easy access from my home in Manchester. Expect a future blog post!

trial beer

On Sunday, it was time for my first apple picking trip of the season. My mom, grandmother, sister and her boyfriend all headed over to Mack’s Apples on Pillsbury Road.


The main location of Mack’s Apples is on Mammoth Road, but they have other orchards you can check out if that one is closed. On this day, there were two kinds of apples available for picking, McIntosh and Jonamac. I don’t think I had ever tried a Jonamac apple before, but it was flavorful of course, as fresh apples always are! I would probably bake with it over eating it, but there certainly shouldn’t be any aversion to it from an apple lover.


pumpkinWe couldn’t have asked for better weather for a fall activity like this. The sun was shining so brightly upon the simplistic beauty of the orchard, and there was a cool breeze. After filling up our bag full of the delicious fruit, we stopped and looked at the pumpkins growing in the orchard. I can’t wait for carving season! I’m actually not that artistic when it comes to making a masterpiece out of a pumpkin, but I give it my best shot every year.

On our way home, we made a stop at the Sunnycrest Farm farmer’s market and bakery for apple cider and freshly baked cider donuts. Sunnycrest Farm is another Londonderry U-Pick spot for apples as well. The market is in an old barn style building, and you can see where they bake their goodies. Watching those little donuts fry away and smelling the fall season all around is certainly a feast for the senses! On top of their own baked goods, apple cider and produce, Sunnycrest also sells items from other local businesses, including NH pure maple syrup and honey.

ciderAlong with the donuts, I also purchased sweet kettle corn made by Hutchinson’s Candy in Hampton, NH. Sugar coated kettle corn has been my weakness for years. As we waited in line, we noticed a dispenser labeled “Free hot apple cider!” and of course, could not resist. Nothing is so satisfying as that first taste of that liquid apple cinnamon-y flavor. It’s like New England in a cup!

If I’ve convinced you that you just MUST go apple picking and fall treat tasting this very weekend, right this second if you could, Mack’s Apples U-Pick is open 10am-5pm daily from now through October. They also have a separate Farm Market, open 9am-6pm daily. Sunnycrest Farms market is open daily as well from 9am-6pm, and their U-Pick is open daily 9am-5pm. This was just my first weekend of fall fun, and I can’t wait to see what unfolds for the weekends ahead!

Places Mentioned (in order):

Plymouth State University – 17 High Street, Plymouth, NH 03264
Biederman’s Deli and Pub – 83 Main Street, Plymouth, NH 03264
Mack’s Apples – 230 Mammoth Road, Londonderry, NH 03053
Sunnycrest Farm – 59 High Range Road, Londonderry, NH 03053


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