Giving Gratitude

Last night as I lay in bed, I restlessly pondered the usual things that people may think of and feel down about – pending work tasks and upcoming deadlines, an ever-growing amount of bills with what seemed like an ever-decreasing bank account, recent car troubles in need of repair, etc. Then, I realized the most basic truth of all – yes, I had “troubles” but in the grand scheme of life, are those things really worth the fret? There I was, laying in a bed with a roof over my head that I pay for without assistance, which already provides me with more than many. I got the urge to write my thoughts down, but instead of pen and paper I grabbed my phone and typed up this note:

The moon is bright in my window tonight. I have this great big room all to myself. I am able to put food on my table with leftovers for the next day, and no big sacrifice made in doing so. I have a job I like and a passion I am pursuing and succeeding at. I have been given much praise for my talents. I am able to help or treat others, even a little, with my money. I have plenty of people who love me and desire my presence, and vice versa. I have health. I live in a city where all I need to get to is within easy access. It is nearing my favorite season and I am enjoying the simple things. I am rich in all the ways that count. Thank you, God. 

So, if you’re worried about things in life that can and will be overcome, and it is not affecting you to your core, just go back to basics and think about how blessed you really are! 🙂


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