Salem Round 2

Mom and I...Meredith took the picture!

Mom  (on the left) and I…Meredith took the picture!

Every so often, my mother, sister and I plan a Girls Night. When I was living in Salem, MA, my mom and Meredith also fell in love with the historic city, and had often come for visits. We decided that Salem would be a great host location for this summer’s Girls Night on August 9th. The original plan was to head down on Friday, stay overnight at the Salem Waterfront Hotel and have a bit more fun on Saturday before heading back to NH. However, we weren’t quick enough in jumping on a reservation, and rooms filled up due to an event. All other places were booked as well. We decided to head down early afternoon and just spend the rest of the day and evening there, which suited me fine.

The weather on this day was perfect. It wasn’t sweltering, and it wasn’t cold. Just right for strolling down the streets getting some sun and popping in and out of shops. We love the unique variety of local stores that Salem has to offer. Our first stop was Pickering Wharf, where we entered The Picklepot. This was a store filled with more cooking spices than I’d ever seen in my life, as well as kitchenware and even vintage cookbooks.

Our next visit was to Crafters Market Candles & Gifts, which was quite the enchanting shop. Amongst the many deliciously scented candles and numerous gift items, there were two sections dedicated to Halloween and Christmas decor. I didn’t spend too much time in the Christmas section, because to be honest, I’m not prepared to think about winter! But the Halloween section drew me right in. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love that time of year, and the magic of it all. I get giddy just thinking about decorating my apartment in “spooktacular” fashion this year.

photo 1 (4)

After my sister purchased a couple of birthday presents for her friends, I was determined to find Every Occasion Boutique, one of my favorite shops on Pickering Wharf with beautiful and fun jewelry, accessories and clothing. I went around in circles and could not find it for the life of me. Then, I realized that the store had changed names (and maybe ownership), but luckily still carried the same items. It is now called Ocean Chic Boutique & Waterbar and comes highly recommended by me to any fashionistas out there. I have my mom to thank for my lovely new earrings from the store, which I have worn everyday since (I was clearly in need of some new ones!)

photo 5 (2)

After leaving Ocean Chic Boutique, we were jolted out of shopping mindset by rumbling stomachs. I wanted to try somewhere I had not yet been, so we decided on Capt’s Waterfront Bar & Grill. The restaurant had decks overlooking Derby Wharf and The Friendship (which I had previously written about here). As you may know from past posts, I can never say no to a menu with fresh haddock on it, and this was no exception.


photo 3 (3)

The hostess was very kind, as was our waitress. I truly appreciate the value of a team who provides excellent customer service! We started with a couple of drinks and an appetizer.  My mom ordered the Raspberry Key Lime Rickeytini, a brightly colored concoction that tasted as yummy as it looked. I ordered the Down Island Iced Tea, which is similar to a Long Island Iced Tea in ingredients. Our appetizer was a plate of zucchini sticks with an aioli sauce. Delicious! If you are to compare them to fries, the ones at Capt’s are more home fry 5 (1)

We had a wonderful time talking and observing the view. It is the busy season at my mom’s work, so it’s rare for her to be able to get a day off. She had taken this one off and said that this was exactly how she wanted to spend it, on the water with good food and company. It made me happy that she was happy and that we were able to spend time together as a family.

View from Capt's deck

View from Capt’s deck

For entrees, I ordered the Fish & Chips, while my mom got the New York Strip Sirloin, and my sister got the New England Cobb Salad. Each of us were very satisfied with our plates and certainly had enough to make leftovers. I tried my mom’s steak, which was perfectly cooked, and I was almost jealous I did not choose that meal! Next time. To top it off, my mom and sister ordered the Deep Dark Chocolate Cake for dessert. I declined at first, because I don’t really like chocolate cake. However, I didn’t realize that this cake would be molten style, which for some reason I love. Needless to say, I probably ate more than both of them!

After our three-course meal, we felt like we needed some exercise. We walked down Derby Wharf, out to the little lighthouse and back. I always call this “my spot” because when I lived in Salem, I would often come out to the end and sit in peace and quiet, waving to boats as they passed. We enjoyed the calming sound of the ocean lapping at the shore before venturing back downtown.

photo 4 (2)

It was now becoming dusk, my favorite time of the day in Salem. It makes the whole city appear even more mysterious and beautiful. My mom had a request to visit Maria’s Sweet Somethings, a store that sells homemade candies and fudge, ice cream, and quirky gift items. The food lover in me was somehow able to reappear for an ice cream cone. Don’t ask me how, don’t ask me why, but yes, I still managed to have froyo after all that.

After fulfilling my mom’s request, I had one of my own. I wanted to walk down Chestnut Street, one of the most historic streets in Salem, and one that I’d always loved the most (I have a fictional piece in the works based upon this neighborhood). This street is filled with massive homes built in the 19th century, during Salem’s time as a wealthy seaport. I would love to live in one of them. My mom and sister weren’t as impressed – they have more modern tastes than I. My dream is to live in a big old house one day, from the 1700s or 1800s. I love places that have an entire history behind them.

Once we completed this walk, we decided it was time to say goodbye to Salem and call it a night. The moon and stars gazed down on us as we crossed through the Common back to the the car. I had a deep feeling of contentment from a day and night surrounded by family and my favorite place. I’m sure a Salem Round 3 post will follow soon!

Places Mentioned (in order):

The Picklepot – 75 Wharf Street, Salem, MA 01970
Crafters Market Candles & Gifts – 82-84 Wharf Street, Salem, MA 01970
Ocean Chic Boutique & Waterbar – 96 Wharf Street, Salem, MA 01970
Capt’s Waterfront Bar & Grill – 94 Wharf Street, Salem, MA 01970
Maria’s Sweet Somethings – 26 Front Street, Salem, MA 01970


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