Goodbye July

As I’m sure you’re well aware, today is the last day of July. Another month come and gone! But a new one is ahead, and it is still summer! There is still the possibility of cookouts, beach and pool days, boating, ice cream and all the other fun things this season holds, so don’t fear. In honor of this being the final day of one of my favorite months, I decided to be thankful for each of its 31 days I was gifted, and list some of my favorite memories from July 2014 (in no particular order). If you don’t know me personally, I did not provide much explanation for who the various named people are, but regardless, they are all near and dear to my heart!

1. Getting my blog up and running.

2. Having fun singing along at the Country 102.5 Street Party with Nick. Thought it was going to be a washout, but turned out to be beautiful just in time!

3. Catching the Manchester fireworks from Nicole’s front yard and going out for drinks afterwards.

4. All kinds of dinners: Weekly dinners at my grandma’s, “family” dinners with Nicole and Amanda (because best friends ARE family!), dinner at Camino Real with Nick (an amazing Colombian food restaurant in Allston), dinner with Meredith and Sean at Chili’s, dinner at Carraba’s with Kellie and Helen, dinner at La Careta with my mom, even a simple dinner at Chipotle with my dad. There are plenty more. If you can’t tell, I love food.

5. Trips to Salem and Newburyport with Shiloh, which I’ve written about on the blog.

6. Relaxing, reading and walking on Rye Beach with Nick.

7. The day I walked into what used to be my sweltering apartment after my dad was kind enough to go in using my spare key while I was at work and install an A/C.

8. Watching with Nick and the Clements as Billy won his race at Lee Speedway.

9. Opening what appeared to be a mystery box I received in the mail and realizing it held the pretty new business cards I had designed for myself.

10. Finally finding time to read new books! Currently reading “Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald”. I recommend it if you are interested in the whirlwind lives of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda, or are a fan of the Roaring 20’s era like me.

11. Starting a new job and meeting all of the fabulous people I get to work with.

12. Sitting in the hottub and making s’mores while watching 10 Things I Hate About You outside on the projector screen at Kellie’s.

13. Despite the mean park ranger and not feeling well towards the end, I did enjoy sitting around a campfire drinking beers with friends.

14. Discovering, through Amanda, the hilariousness that are the “Summer Heights High” and “Ja’mie: Private School Girl” shows.

15. Becoming a member of Workbar in Cambridge so I can have a fabulous, open workspace for my writing and network with others.

16. Another discovery, the $6 large mai tais at Brandy Pete’s on Franklin Street in Boston.

17. Family BBQs, grilling and swimming at my mother’s house.

18. Walks down Elm Street with Amanda to places like Ben & Jerry’s and the Farmers Market.

I’ll end with 18, because that is my favorite number. Life was good in July, and I look forward to a new month of new memories in August!


3 thoughts on “Goodbye July

  1. Hey Lindsey,
    Love this idea, and I also love July as its my Bday month!

    Now a question with the below haha- What did the park ranger do to make him so mean? Did he steal your s’mores and picnic basket?:

    13. Despite the mean park ranger and not feeling well towards the end, I did enjoy sitting around a campfire drinking beers with friends.

    Now a question @ #4:
    So what is your favorite food, and what is your favorite restaurant?

    If you haven’t seen it, you should check out this show about the world’s weirdest restaurants-

    I recommend episode “Going To The Dogs”- it is one of the few I have seen, but it has a hilarious bit to it regarding #2- you will understand once you watch it.

    Sorry for kind of veering a little bit off topic/too in depth here- I don’t blog much, but your idea was pretty unique <_<.


    • Hi James, thanks for the nice words 🙂 And happy late birthday! The park ranger was actually a woman, it was our first time all camping together and we left our site for a split second to go to the bathrooms, and left food out. When we came back, she was very rude to us about it. I definitely understand the reprimanding due to the fact that it is dangerous to leave food out in the woods (for bears), even for 5 minutes I suppose, but she was unnecessarily very rude and harsher to us than need be!

      As for my favorite food, I love a variety of cuisine, but one that tops my list is Colombian food, as my father is Colombian and I grew up with the amazing dishes. My favorite restaurant changes from time to time. Right now, going with the Colombian theme, I highly recommend Camino Real in Allston, MA. Luckily, my boyfriend lives right down the street so I can go often and it is so affordable. I’ll be sure to check out that video you passed along tomorrow morning – I’m a fan of any show dealing with restaurants and food, so thank you for passing that along and for reading!

      • Thanks for the Bday wishes! Interesting about the female park ranger :).

        Never really tried Colombian food, but if I do I will give it a shot, thanks for the tip- what is a safe choice haha?

        Also, on the topic of food, did you know that Carrots weren’t always orange haha?

        They were actually originally almost anything but orange- white, yellow, red, and purple.

        The carrots as we know them today were made for the House of ORANGE in Holland, a while back. They did this for obvious name/decor reasons, but the way they did it was creating a hybrid species with the yellow and red variety.

        As they say, the rest is history, and carrots have been orange ever since :).

        P.S. if you are wondering if I am some kind of carrot lover, you would be incorrect lol, I actually hate them unless they are boiled. Just thought this fact was interesting.


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